Acute Care Consult: 45-

Do you find yourself under the weather and need care? Perhaps you were injured and are looking for alternative therapies for healing. This is the consult for you. Sit, chat, and leave feeling confident about herbs, diet, and lifestyle habits for your need. 

Every Monday from 9-3, I have walk ins available. See our contact page for our location.

Consult can last up to 30 minutes and includes a follow up phone call 1 week later to see how you are doing. During that week, if you have any questions, I am available for you via email and text during business hours (9-4). Just give me a call to set up your consult time.

The last Monday of every month is our Free Clinic for those who may not be able to afford alternative healthcare.


Holistic Health Consult: 75-

This is the consult for those working with a longer term condition or overall wellness goals. We will go over your health history and look at all aspects of healing. You will then set up your health protocol. This is a 1 hour consult. 4-6 weeks later, we will meet again for 30 minutes to see how things are going and making any modifications. I am available during that time for questions pertaining to your consult via email.


Heat Therapy with Smokeless Moxa: 20- for 20 minutes

Bringing heat to an area means blood flow. Blood flow means healing. In this session, I use smokeless, indirect moxa to warm up an area that is causing you pain or discomfort. Each session will start with a short chat so I can see how you are doing and where to focus our time.


Abdominal Cupping: 20- for 20 minutes

This is a great therapy for detoxifying and cleansing the intestines. It breaks up waste so our bodies can get rid of it. When waste gets stuck in our system (it happens to everyone), it can lead to other health concerns.

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