Who Can an Herbalist Help?

Thanks to Facebook, we get to see some details in peoples lives that we wouldn't get to see otherwise.

"I took Jimmy to the doctor today and looks like he has pinkeye..."

"I went to the doctor today and he just prescribed this ointment for this crazy rash on my leg."

What stands out the most to me about these is how many of these ailments could be remedied with a trip to the herbalist.

It occurred to me that perhaps people don't fully understand what an herbalist does, and who we can see. So here I am writing a post about it.

Well, the short answer to the question "Who Can an Herbalist Help?" is....


Long answer...

While herbalists training and education can vary, herbalists can help those with (this includes children):

~Respiratory ailments: coughs, colds, flu, bronchitis, sore throats

~Digestive ailments: diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel, bloating, cramping

~Skin ailments: rashes, irritations, wounds

~Ear infections


~Sinus issues: infections, congestion

~Mouth sores, tooth pain, bad breath

~Body pain: muscles and joints

~Mental health/emotional wellness

~Reproductive system: menstrual cramps, menstrual cycle irregularities, prostate health

~General health: using herbs to help the body overall

~Pregnancy ailments and general support (which includes postpartum)

Many herbalists are also a wealth of knowledge for nutrition...to include what foods to avoid when you are sick and what foods to eat to help heal.

Some herbalists can even see people with more chronic conditions like autoimmune issues. A good herbalist will let you know if something is out of their scope, so just ask them!

While it is a lot of things we can see you for, it is important to realize that we aren't doctors and while we can use our training and intuition to choose the herbs best for you...we can't diagnose or prescribe anything. Technically we aren't supposed to say "treat" or "heal" but the FDA can bite me.

So, before you go to the doctor, call your herbalist. If you are well, find an herbalist before you need them.