Non-Herbal Ingredients in my Herb Cabinet

While I keep an decent variety of herbs and essential oils, the non herbal ingredients in my cabinet make all my herbal magic happen.

When starting to make herbal remedies and other natural alternatives for your home, it is always nice to have everything on hand.

I have compiled the non herbal ingredients in my cabinet so that you can begin stocking your cabinet and get your herbal magic going!

I buy a lot from Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Herb Store because I have found their quality to be wonderful.

Bentonite Clay

This healing clay is great for helping rashes heal, is an ingredient in our Sacred Black salve, and is our go-to remedy for stomach viruses. We also use it in our Sweet Cheeks Body Powder and talked about it in our post "Shh, I Don't Wear Deodorant."

Activated Charcoal

Another ingredient in our Sacred Black salve but also good for food poisoning. It is what hospitals give in cases of overdose and mushroom poisonings. It also happens to help whiten teeth and makes a great addition to a face mask.

Oil or Carrier Oil

Infused oils are a beautiful healing tool and are the first step to create salves, balms, creams etc. Sunflower oil makes a great massage oil (it is used here for infant massage) but olive oil is a healthy fat oil that is fantastic for skin. Both infuse well.

For those interested in more aromatherapy, a carrier oil is a MUST before YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DILUTE YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL.

I tend to have a lot of kinds of oils...grapeseed, jojoba, sesame, rosehip etc. Most people don't need all of them, I just like having the variety. I tend to use Olive oil for herbal stuff and Sweet almond for essential oils needs.


This is used for making salves and balms (including lip balms). I like the pastilles because they are extremely convenient...grating beeswax can be time consuming.

Arrowroot Powder

This is a "fluffer" it helps bentonite clay not be so clumping and dense.

Epsom salts

An easy, relaxing way to soothe sore muscles (and get some absorption of magnesium), these by themselves are healing magic.

Pink Himalayan salt or Sea salt

These are used very similar to Epsom salts. Some prefer them due to their purity and how they naturally have other minerals in them as well. Pink Himalayan salt in our Rose Herbal Sitz bath.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Useful for many things, we love our ACV for baths. See our post about infusing ACV and how to use it. For those wanting to avoid alcohol extracts, or tinctures, ACV makes a great menstruum for making non alcoholic extracts. Be sure to get the other "with the mother" to get all the benefits.


An vital ingredient in my Elderberry syrup but also great for infusing with Sage and Thyme for health benefits during cold and flu season. It also makes a great ingredient for facial masks...and to add to tea!

Well, there you have it. My non herbal ingredients that I keep in my cabinet. Keep these ingredients in your cabinet and you will be an herbal remedy making fool!

Next week, I will be posting about what tools I use to make all my goodies.