Shaving Sucks

It's November....No-Shave November. That is still a "thing" right? Well, No-Shave November is usually thought of for men and not shaving their face...military members will grow mustaches because military regulations don't allow beards except for certain religious affiliations.

My husband is sexy as hell when he grows his beard out (I mean he is anyways, that's why I married him...) but one this has been growing in this house for quite some time...

My confidence is not shaving.

So because of my Italian roots (or supposed Italian roots...I'm adopted) my hair is darker. Keeping up shaving out of the fear of being ridiculed as a teen took a lot of time...time shaving and time stressing about if my legs and underarms were smooth enough.

Lets not talk about the fact that shaving, especially the pubic region, increases your risk of infection. Every time you nick your skin, that is an open "wound" which can just welcome bacteria and viruses. 

Lets not talk about the fact that your hair works as a built in heating and cooling system, a physical protection from foreign invaders, a detox tool, and works to attract a physically compatible mate (on the biological side).

We can also ignore the amount of waste shaving generates...and how much money is spent on razors and all the creams that go with it. I mean....shaving cream or conditioner, lotion afterwards to the inevitable dry skin from ripping off the part of your body that does it for you (or should be). Considering that a women is exposed to an average of 168 toxin chemicals a day, according to, stopping shaving could really lessen that exposure.

Oh yes! I almost forgot (not really), shaving usually means your shower more and shaving while in the shower will cause you to use MORE water. More showers to shave PLUS more water while you shave...PLUS your products AND your razors. Its an environmental disaster.

BUT I understand that not shaving is something not everyone feels comfortable doing...probably because people made them feel uncomfortable about stubble...or were straight up assholes about it. Not shaving is something that is still relatively new to me as well (I stopped about a year ago) but the decision didn't come lightly. My husband had to tell me a million times that my leg/underarm hair didn't bother him at all.

So, for those not comfortable with not shaving...lets try to make this a lot healthier for you AND the environment.

1) Figure out why you are shaving

Did someone make you feel bad? Do you really like smooth legs and underarms better? *I seriously think pubic hair should ALWAYS be left alone...I mean, give your yoni some love in its natural form.

2) Purchase a reusable safety razor.

My husband HAS to shave every day (well, at least every other day...shh don't tell his boss). He switched to a safety razor a few years ago and its amazing. His dream is to be at a straight razor but for now his razor waste is just the blades (which are like 2 dollars for a 10 pack).

THIS is the one he uses (nope not an affiliate link) and before I stopped shaving, I used one as well, with no issues.

3) Use a natural product for your shaving barrier

My husband uses a Made is USA shave cream from Shea Moisture that we can buy locally.  Coconut oil can also work and will help to combat some of the dry skin. You could even infuse the coconut oil with Calendula flowers and Lavender buds first. The prana balm we make at the Introduction to Herbs workshop is coconut oil and olive oil infused with lavender and its amazing.

4) Turn off the water

So you have taken your shower, your hair is soft and ready. Put the drain stop in and let the tub fill up just a little bit (you can even do this for a minute or so while you finish up your shower). Turn off the water and sit on the edge of the tub, put a towel down for a much nicer seat.

Lather up and start shaving, using the water in the tub to rinse off your razor.

5) Turn on the water at the end

Once you are done shaving, flip the water on to rinse, and then you are done.

Do I feel self-conscious sometimes? Hmm...about 6 months ago I did and now I am so comfortable with who I am, it doesn't bother me. That confidence translates well into other aspects of my life so its a win-win.

Do I have any other women opting out of shaving here?