Our Berkey Water Filter = Water Love

Last week, we switched out our Berkey water filters for the first time. Its been about 2 years since we first bought the water filter and I feel like now I can actually give a decent review on it. I can't stand it when someone uses something once and then writes a review on it...I want to know how things hold up over time and use!

Anyways...we bought the Berkey water filter when we moved into government housing at Fort McCoy. Per Army regulations, the water is treated with chlorine...not something we wanted in our water. There was no way we were going to able to convince them to put on a whole house filter, so we had to adjust on our own.

Here is our review.


I love the look of the Berkey. Its stainless steel...and big.  Always a talking point when we have people over. If I cared about having a Better Homes and Garden kitchen, I might get frustrated but in my modest, lived in kitchen, it fits in just fine. We don't really have a permanent place for it (small European kitchen) but it is light enough that if we need to move it, we easily can.

berkey water filter


Its made well, and survived our international move with flying colors. The movers the military hires to move people usually aren't the greatest so the fact that there aren't any dents at all says a lot about it.

We just have the black filters because Belgium doesn't fluorinate their water. They consider that "forced medication" .... take a hint US. It is extremely hard water and the filter do well despite that.

Water taste:

It definitely makes the water more palatable over the tap. Its also much clearer than from the tap. I have include pictures from our filters box to show some of what the filters..well, filter.


If you get into a habit of topping off your Berkey every evening, its not a ton of work BUT we have 4 children and we drink a lot of water...and then forget from time to time. The new filters can push the water through fairly quickly....the older filters that had been working so hard for us took a little longer.


The price of a Berkey can seem high, including the replacement of the elements. We replaced our filters after two years but they probably still had some life in them...we kept them to be back ups, just in case.

Yes, you can just go to Walmart and buy a cheap Brita filter but you aren't getting the level of purification that you are with the Berkey, plus you have to replace the filters every month and you are still using a plastic product....so who is really spending the most money for clean water?

I can't comment on shipping because there are many places to buy Berkey filters.

The only thing I would do differently, is buy a bigger one!

So now I will turn to you...do you have anything to add? Any questions?