Introduction to Herbs - September 3, 2016


Looking to start using herbs but have no clue where to start? Maybe you have been using herbs but want to fully grasp basics....

This class is for you.

In my Introduction to Herbs workshop we cover sourcing herbs, teas, tinctures, pastilles, salves, compresses, infused oils, and, of course, herbs!! You will walk away with a tincture start, Prana balm, and St John's Wort infused oil.

Here is the outline:

Sourcing Herbs



-United Plant Savers

-Foraging guidelines


-Steeping times

-Making simple tea

-Creating blends

-French press


-Folk versus ratio

-Creating single herb tincture*

-Creating blends


-Elderberry syrup

-Cough syrup


-Slippery elm


-Calendula, Echinacea, Comfrey, Yarrow


Infused Oils

-Heat versus solar

-St Johns Wort oil*


-Basic calendula salve

-Prana balm*

The cost for the class is 50 euros and there is a lunch option (vegetarian friendly) for an additional 2.50 euros

This class is required to take upcoming workshops, such as the Cold and Flu workshop, so that we can focus on what the workshop if for, rather than having to review the how-to. This is only held a few times a year so be sure to sign up!