How I Feel About ItWorks and Plexus

Before I even begin to talk about this, I feel like I need to make this statement first: My feelings and thoughts on ItWorks and Plexus HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH the individuals selling them. I don't judge people who sell these products and I don't judge the people who use these products. Again...this isn't about the individual ambassadors, wrappers, distributors, etc...

For those of you who haven't heard about Plexus or ItWorks...they are Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies that focus on supplements for health and weight loss. ItWorks adds in a few beauty products and essential well as body wraps for trimming up around the waistline.

For my thoughts on MLMs, enjoy this video from Last Week Tonight.

I have not tried the products on my own but have researched them. I have not applied to be an ambassador nor is it in my plans to.

So now, lets begin.

I don't like them.

The End.....Kidding.

I do have a major issue with the companies being MLM.

Weight loss, which is a HUGE marketing aspect of both companies, is a very individual thing. It can be caused by a variety of things...and even a combination of things.

Hormonal imbalance...pharmaceutical intolerances....

By having these companies just promoting a mass "one size fits all" supplement, I believe that we are setting people up for a unsustainable future.

Sure, many people will see some amount of success from these products. I am happy for them and that is often a huge motivation for pursing a healthier lifestyle. Kudos.

Some won't and be disappointed at the money they sunk into the company with no return...either health wise or monetary wise.

For those that did see an initial weight loss and health boost, they now continue to buy the products to either keep seeing results or maintaining where they are at. THAT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

The products are not cheap...for just 1 smaller container of ItWorks Greens it is $33. That could last you a month BUT the program for success isn't just the Greens. It is the wraps, followed by the Cleanse then followed with the Greens. On top of have all the skin treatment items and the essential oils...all of that can really add it. Retail is $245 although if you sign up to be a "wrapper" you can get it for the super low price of $147...a month PLUS whatever you have to do to keep your status up for the company.

Not sustainable.

The Plexus system, which is slightly $139.99.

Now, I do believe in taking vitamins and probiotics to help balance our system from deficiencies caused by over monocropping our fields (which strips away minerals and vitamins) and by a standard American diet.

What I am not okay charging obscene prices for products and promising an income if they turn around and do XYZ.

I am not okay with a blanket approach to weight loss, when it is a very individual thing.

I am not okay with people who have no training in nutrition, wellness, or fitness, selling these products to people who are really wanting to be healthy. For those who do have training in nutrition and wellness selling them, I would love to hear how you approach an individual who comes to you...what sort of questions you ask to know if these programs are best for their long term weight loss/maintenance and what additional advice you give them. *For the record, I feel the same way about YL and doTerra but that's another post.

For a sustainable weight loss and requires a dietary and lifestyle changes AND help from someone with training in either holistic wellness, herbalism, and/or nutrition. Doctors are an option and a good place to start your journey for blood testing but many times they won't provide a holistic natural approach.

It could require balancing hormones.

It could require fixing leaky gut issues.

But once balanced, its balanced. In most cases, you can return to just a healthy diet and movement regiment. No additional purchase required.

Now, I know some people are curious about their safety...the products in and of themselves aren't bad. There are some things that could causes issues in certain individuals, and there may be some herb-drug interactions...which is why I have a problem with untrained personnel selling these items. I believe they are overloaded with herbs and "superfoods" that our bodies may not be able to fully take it...making for expensive pee. conclusion...there are better, more sustainable options for you. Visit your healthcare practitioner to see if there are any imbalances in your body...they can easily run a blood test to check your thyroid levels, blood-cholesterol levels, hormones etc...even certain vitamins. For those on medications, this is an important first step.

You are worth approaching this from a holistic standpoint. From a standpoint that gives you a sustainable future for health. You are worth it.