5 Ways to Use the MindBell App

While I am a fan of being away from electronics, it is becoming increasingly difficult in todays world. So lets make that technology help us.

About 6 months ago, I found the MindBell App. This is a singing bowl that sounds at random or set times between hours that you set. It is a free app available through the Google Play store.

I installed it to help with mindfulness and I haven't always followed through....I am found that when I didn't add it to my new phone (just moved back to the States), I really missed it.

So now lets talk about what to do when the MindBell goes off....

5 Ways to Use the MindBell App

1) Mindfulness

Yea, I started there. When brining yourself back to the present....there are three things you focus on...

  • ~ What am I thinking about?
  • ~What am I feeling emotionally?
  • ~What am I feeling physically?

Now, you don't focus on one thought/emotion/physical sensation...you recognize them and them let them go.

For example....I am thinking about starting my free clinic in Missouri, I am feeling excited about getting my practice running in Missouri, and my legs are cold.

2) Look away from screens and look outside

While I understand that looking outside may be difficult depending on your situation (office with no windows...) but it is important that you take time to look away from your computer at least every hour...even if its just for a few minutes. You can set the MindBell to go off every hour...then take 5 minutes to look away from the screen and/or look outside.

This will actually help your eye health as well. I listened to this really fascinating podcast about distance looking and myopia...check it out ----> http://fromthisdayforwardhealthcoach.com/the-roots-of-health-episode-53/

3) Stretch It Out

No, you don't have to bust out a full yoga sequence wherever you are...but check in with your body and see if there is anything with tension and work on stretching it out.

For those who have been following me for a while, you know that I am second year of my restorative exercise-certified personal trainer certification...so I am a HUGE fan of correctives from Nutritious Movement. There are so many options for little stretches you can do anywhere!

At a computer? Stretch your fingers, wrists, forearms...calf stretch...piriformis stretch. The possibilities are endless!

4) Drink Water

I am not the perfect example of drinking enough water but if you are determined to increase your water intake, your MindBell app can help. Determine how much water you need and divide it into how many times you have scheduled your MindBell to go off. Then, when it goes off...drink up!

Don't forget...herbal teas can count towards your daily water intake (as long as it isn't caffeinated) so if water gets you down...switch it up!

5) Positive Affirmations

A lot of women that I meet feel pretty down about themselves. They don't see themselves as the amazing person that they are. So...when the MindBell goes off...give yourself positive affimations.

  • I am beautiful.
  • I am strong.
  • I am enough.
  • I am the perfect mom FOR MY CHILDREN (be sure to add that in)

You can choose to do all 5 at the same time...or you can do 1. You can switch it up every time...every day. Make it your own!

If you use the MindBell app, I would love hear from you on how you use it!