Honoring Your Menses

O.K. I am tired of people being disgusted by menses. It is completely NORMAL part of being a woman. We all have a menstrual cycle, even if it doesn't result in menses. I remember being so worried about leaking in high school for fear of being made fun of.

One time, in middle school, I ran out of supplies on the way home from a track meet and leaked through hardcore onto my track shorts. As we entered the locker room I heard someone declare "ew it smells like period in here." I immediately got embarrassed and felt ashamed. This is the first time I spoke of this.

Even once I got married, menses was something I was embarrassed or grossed out by. I "warned" my husband that "my time of the month" was here and did my best to hide any traces of menses in the home.

I don't recall the moment I realized how freakin' amazing our bodies are...but I now embrace my menses and celebrate it.

So here I am, on my menses, blogging about how you can embrace you menses, because you are freakin' amazing and your menses is NEVER something to ashamed of or to be embarrassed about.

Wear Special Jewelry

I have a special necklace, gifted to me when I attended Sacred Pregnancy retreat in Finland, that I wear every day during my menses. Most people probably would never realize it but I love it. The fact that I got gifted with a necklace with a red bead is no accident. I knew it was perfect for me.

If jewelry isn't your thing...try having something special you wear that is beautiful during your menses.

Nourish Yourself

Our bodies do a lot of work to support menses. I love to have a special tea just for this week. A blend of Red raspberry leaf, Lemon balm, and Nettle is a support and relaxing blend of herbs for every woman.


While I don't do this everytime, this current menses I did. It was so freeing to just paint with the thought of honoring this part of being feminine. I enjoy painting but was always told I wasn't that great at it and didn't really have a lot of support for it. My husband is 100% supportive of me and my mother-in-law gifted me with several canvases for my birthday in May so I get that good energy from the canvases as I paint.

If painting isn't your thing...you can draw, color a mandala (try keeping a red theme), knit, take photos...whatever creative hobby you have. That is the beauty of life, we can do whatever we feel like.

Menstruate Safely

Conventional tampons and pads are ridden with nasty toxins that I don't want anywhere near my yoni or my vagina, like bleach. 6 years ago I switched to a Diva cup and cloth pads and I am not going back. I even used cloth pads postpartum with absolutely no issues. My yoni and vagina are healthy and I am happy.

Take Part in a Sisterhood Circle or Red Tent...

...or whatever they may be called in your area. While women today do not have cycles that are the same at lunar cycles (I want to add it that right now my cycles start within a day of the new moon and I am tickled pink...) and these gatherings will occur when you are not on menses, the gathering of women to show unconditional love and support to women is NEEDED in todays world. I actually talked briefly about this when I was on the radio the other day. We have technology which we feel like keeps us connected but it is nothing like getting together physically with other women. Seriously.

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Finland for a Sacred Pregnancy instructor retreat and I can't even begin to explain the power and love that was present there. I am tearing up just thinking about all the beautiful women I met and how much they still mean to me.  If anyone of my Finland sisters are reading... I LOVE YOU! "Teach me grandmother, for I am just a child..."

I would love to hear what you do to honor your menses.