Patchouli Herbs & Apothecary is a blog and a business with the goal to get herbal medicine in everyone's home. Seems pretty lofty but considering that about 80% of the worlds population already depends primarily on herbal medicine...it is possible.

Much of our herbal knowledge was lost, so it is no longer passed down from generations and so we have people that have never even given thought to using plants for medicine. When it does come across their mind, they have no clue where to start. Google searches are overwhelming, and information about the safety of herbs can be conflicting and hard to understand.

At Patchouli Herbs, I wanted to clear up some of the confusion around herbal medicine and make it easy to use in the home.

Every Wednesday on the blog, I post a new tutorial. These cover things from natural beauty products to cold and flu remedies and everything in between. I discuss why I am using the herbs I am so that you can start to learn more about the herbs themselves, while working on projects. A great way to learn! These fall into our "tutorials" category.

On Friday's, I post about natural health in general...this could be what non herbal items I keep in the home for health as well as informational posts about herbal medicine, essential oils, and other natural health options. These fall into our "natural health" category.

Monday's are reserved for hippie living and is more of a peek into my personal life...you will find about me going without deodorant, knitting to save the world...and so much more. Just click "hippie living" to find those posts.

As for the person writing, that is me, Jacki May "Raven".

According to my parents, I have always been a more "alternative" person but it wasn't until I was grown and married before I started making changes. It started with switching cleaners, cloth diapering our first baby (we now have 4!), and guerilla composting (AKA illegal composting). That was almost 10 years ago.

Today, I am a clinical herbalist, Sacred Medicine Woman, doula, and lover of Mother earth and the countless blessing she gives us. I honor the moon and love deeply.

I am healthy today after a life long battle with joint pain, muscle pain, and depression. In 2011 I was diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissues disease, which my rheumatologist declared "pre-lupus". I have successfully navigated my autoimmune disease through the years (and two pregnancies) with diet and natural remedies. As of July 2015, my blood level were back to normal and my doctor felt comfortable putting me in a remission status!

I am a survivor of sexual assault at the age of 13 and emotional abuse and neglect. This plays a huge role in how I approach health and wellness and I hope to be a voice for others as well.

I am a Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Birth Journey, and Sacred Beginnings certified instructor. These beautiful classes empower women and couple to approach pregnancy, birth, and the first year in trust....trust in each other and trust in themselves. My time spent at the feet of the wonderful women of the Sacred Living Movement has radically changed my life in such amazing ways.

You may find my writing at other blogs such as the Bulk Herb Store blog, Modern Alternative Health, Modern Alternative Pregnancy, and Modern Alternative Mama. I was a presenter in the online Christian Herbal Conference for Herbal First Aid and I have written for Natural Mother Magazine.

I encourage you to sign up for the newsletter, which will give you first notice on upcoming workshops, series, free PDFs, and new products. I only send it out once a month because I hate excessive emails just as much as the next person.

Thank you for stopping by.

In Peace,

Jacki May

A question I get asked:

Where do you buy your herbs?

A majority of my herbs come from Mountain Rose Herbs. I also find the herbs from Bulk Herb Store to be fantastic as well as Starwest Botanicals (available in large quantities on Amazon). I started growing some of my own herbs last summer and bioregional herbalism is actually the focus of my thesis for my clinical program so I hope to do a lot more growing next season.